Getting ready for Halloween

The month of October is also the month of the famous Halloween party and its harvest of sweets for the little ones. As parents, this celebration can sometimes bring its share of stress with the choice of costume, the organization of the dinner in the evening and the harvest itself.
Not to mention the large number of sugars ingested by our little ones which will cause some agitation. So how can we manage this party that our little ones like so much while still having some control? We present to you some small tips and advice to be fully prepared for any eventuality (or almost)! 

The choice of costume 

To avoid the crisis in the evening, it may be preferable to determine in advance with your child two possibilities of costumes for the evening. We suggest costumes that do not require high costs since the important thing is that they please your children to avoid a crisis or obstinacy session at the last moment. Sit down with them a bit ahead of time to determine what they currently like and what they would like to dress up in. Don’t wait until the last minute to get what you need so that you can avoid stress on your own and have a hard time finding what you need. 

 Preparing the meal 

Since the candy harvest takes place relatively early and Halloween often arrives on a weekday evening, we find ourselves pressed for time with mum and dad returning home after work and the kids returning after work. ‘school. To avoid additional unnecessary stress, we suggest that you prepare the meal in advance, if possible, or opt for a meal that is extremely quick and easy to prepare. For example, you could put a meal in the slow cooker the same morning, opt for a frozen pizza a little pimp, or even a meal prepared the night before. We, therefore, offer two recipes. 

Frozen pizza


– Frozen pizza (adapt according to the number of people)

– One red pepper, finely diced

– One tomato, finely diced 

– ½ cup of Kalamata olives cut into slices 

– 1 cup of mozzarella cheese or any other cheese to taste 

– 1 cup of cooked chicken or any other meat to taste


– Preheat the oven to the heat indicated according to the choice of pizza. 

– Remove the pizza from its packaging and place on a baking sheet. 

– Distribute the vegetables, cheese and meat. 

– Bake and cook according to the instructions on the package. 

Macaroni Gratin Recipe


– 1 lb of ground beef 

– 1 can of tomato soup

– 1 can of diced tomatoes 

– 1 box of macaroni pasta 

– 1 Spanish onion, chopped 

– Grated sharp cheddar cheese to taste 

– Salt and pepper to taste  


– Brown the onion in a pan with oil and add the ground beef. 

– In a pot, cook the macaroni. 

– Once the meat is cooked, add the macaroni, cane diced tomatoes and tomato soup. 

– Mix well, salt and pepper and pour into a large ovenproof bowl. 

– Top with cheese and reserve in the refrigerator overnight. 

– Before serving, bake on broil to melt and brown the cheese. 

Establish some safety rules 

To reassure you and if you don’t repeat yourself, it is better to review some safety rules with your children. You know, kids tend to get angry quickly on Halloween night and forget these little rules, hence the need to keep an eye out. However, there is still a need for reminders, year after year. In order to have the situation under control, here are four important tips. 

1- Always look carefully on both sides before crossing the street 

2- Stay together with friends or relatives 

3- Always walk along the path 

4- Do not eat any candy before having taken the necessary checks with an adult

Sorting candy 

Regarding the last safety rule, it is true that collecting candy can involve certain risks due to malicious people. When you get home, you need to take the time to check with your little ones, but also your grown-ups, the sweets they have collected during the evening. You will probably be exhausted from the evening, but your children will still be pissed off about all the candy in their bag. To make this activity more enjoyable, why not all sit together at the kitchen table or on the floor in the living room in addition to being able to discuss the evening? 


Once the candies are well sorted and stored away from the children for a few days (of course not), it is high time to face bedtime, which is unlikely to be a piece of cake. Although the routine is turned upside down, try to stick to it as much as possible towards the end of the evening in order to get things back to normal. Keep in mind that Halloween only happens once a year and that family traditions are often fond memories for children. 

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