Tips for your next Halloween party

Do you think Halloween is motto enough? Give your party a creepy theme that is not only reflected in your invitation, in the decoration, and the food, but on which your guests can also orient themselves. How about a horror film class reunion, a horror circus, a cemetery party, or a puppet theater? A common thread not only makes planning more comfortable for you, but your Halloween party is guaranteed to stand out from the rest.

  1. The horror begins with the invitation
  2. Let the first shiver run down your spine with the invitation, for example, by giving them their death certificate. Or write your invitation in blood-red color and sweeten it with Body Parts fruit gum. But don’t forget your motto!
  3. Be the star of your party
  4. As the host of a spectacular Halloween party, it is your duty to invest enough time in your own Halloween costume. Show your guests what a quick-change artist you are and that your party is anything but a children’s birthday party.
  5. Create a gloomy ambience with decorations – Are you planning your party at home in your living room? No problem! Get plenty of fabric and cobwebs to make your otherwise beloved stuffed animals, flowers, and vacation photos disappear. Decorate your home with skeletons, skulls, and other creepy accessories that match your party theme. Important – create the right ambiance with diffuse light sources by hanging lamps with cloth, installing flickering light bulbs with low wattage, or securely setting up candles.
  6. Trick or treat: good Halloween snacks are a must
  7. if you don’t feed your guests enough or let them starve, you can quickly bring real beasts to life. Although it suits Halloween, you should invest a little time in planning the catering. Create food and drinks that match the motto and round off the overall experience of your Halloween party in terms of taste. For example, you could greet your guests with a bloody eyeball punch as soon as they arrive (you can easily “tinker” the eyeballs with litchis and cherries) and later serve them bloody meatballs, creepy sausage fingers or a skull cake. You can now find countless recipes and creations for your scary dishes on the Internet.
  8. Mood killer – wrong sound: not at your party
  9. Make sure you have a suitable background noise at your partyWith a sound in repeat mode you can easily create a scary atmosphere and also turn individual rooms into a scary scary experience – or wouldn’t it run down your spine if you were sitting on a dark toilet and suddenly a small child was singing a scary song would sing down? If the location allows, sound effects also work really well in front of your entrance door.
  10. To keep the party going well in the main room, the right party music is not missing. If you want to create a real horror atmosphere with dark classical music or if you want to dance, then the playlist of the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” would be well suited. Make up your mind – your guests shouldn’t die of boredom – even if that would fit thematically well.
  11. Trick or Treat – Part 2
  12. You have thought of excellent catering for your guests, but you forgot the sweets for unexpected guests. That makes for a lot of sours!
  13. If you don’t feel like opening the door for children in disguise all the time during your party, it is best to greet them with a creepy candy monster in front of your door. Your invited party guests will definitely be happy too.
  14. Plan surprising effects
  15. Whether an unannounced actor who suddenly gives you goosebumps, or a spontaneous power failure with a scary sound: plan an insert for your party that will surprise your guests. Here you can get really creative and, for example, let mute beings wander through the party room or recreate a scene from a horror film. No matter what you are planning – a surprising experience enhances every party and offers your guests plenty of topics to talk about.

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